Newspaper term jumpline

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Layout sub-editor - A sub-editor who specialises in laying out pages. To print or broadcast something bad about a person which does them harm. Creative Commons is a copyright licensing system that allows copyright holders to give general permission for people to use their material free of charge under some circumstances.

See also on air. Jumpline or see page is the line that tells the reader where the story is continued The style traditionally used in news stories. An advertisement that uses only text, as opposed to a display ad, which also incorporates graphics.

The tangible output, usually on laser paper or photographic paper, from an electronic file. News is produced in a structured way by journalists. Also called a cutline. The Gothic type style popular in Germany in the 15th century.

A round-up of short news stories on television. Ethically, advertorials should be clearly identified as such. A unit of digital information equivalent to eight bits or one character. Popularly called a 'scoop'. A newspaper is a regularly scheduled publication containing Newsinformation, and advertising, usually printed on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper such as Newsprint.

Compare to professional journalists.

Has Michael Jordan ever jumped from the three point line?

Broadcasters' Audience Research Board, which compiles television ratings viewer statistics in the United Kingdom. A subsidiary right that allows the book to be translated and published in countries other than the one in which the book was originally published.

Elements of a newspaper

The degree of darkness of a photographic image. See more below mic: Usually the most newsworthy of its key points. Also called cover paper. A photomechanical tool that measures optical density of images or colors, used to determine and control consistency throughout a press run.

What Is a Deck in Journalism?

Radio or television programs broadcast from a location outside the studios, usually live, using an OB van or OB truck. Journalism that churns out rewrites of media releases just to fill newspaper pages or news bulletins. Extra details in a story which help the reader or listener get a fuller picture of what has happened or what a person is like.

An overall evaluation and critique of a manuscript for organization, style, and continuity as well as actual content. Different viewpoints are presented accurately, even those with which the journalist personally disagrees.

Increasingly, these are laid out on computer screens using special flatplan software. Also known as wild sound.The news writing style is the standard for reporting news in media outlets, such as television, newspapers and radio. One aspect that it covers is the correct usage of journalistic terminologies.

The deck comes before the headline and the main story. Jump line definition is - a directional line of print (as 'continued on page 7, column 2') at the end of the first part of a divided story or article in a newspaper or periodical or.

Newspaper Term Jumpline – 186142

OKLAHOMA NEWSPAPER FOUNDATION NEWSPAPERS IN EDUCATION Paper 1. Flag: Name of the newspaper as it appears on Page 1. 2. Logo: The newspaper’s name printed in special.

news aggregator: A web application which gathers syndicated web content - such as online newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs (vlogs) - in one location for easy viewing. See also RSS. news angle: See angle above. news belt: A round-up of short news stories on television. A term used to describe the process of conceiveing and directing the creation or acquisition of art (i.e., phots and illustrations) for a magazine story or other editorial component.

art production: A term used to describe the process of preparing images, copy and/or layouts for print production. # Deck: Deck is the term used to describe each line in a newspaper headline.

# Editorial: Editorial is the article that represents the newspaper’s opinion. It is also called the Leader. # Filler: Filler is a short item that is used to fill up space on a newspaper page.

Newspaper term jumpline
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