Bad personal trainer

There are many good trainers out there, and finding one that works for you can make a huge positive impact on your progress towards your goals and overall outlook on health and fitness. This is a guest post from Chris Rodman, A fitness trainer by profession, who owns Fargo gym.

Proper form is by far the most important aspect to focus on during any type of training. Each of my clients have a planned program with progression in them and those programs completely change every 3 weeks!

This belief that you can crunch yourself to a lean six pack is very far from the truth.

Bad Personal Trainers

However, if you teach a person well, they will not only be empowered, they will also trust you and know that you have their best interest in mind, which may make them more likely to use your services anyways. The goal is getting results, not designing something that looks cool.

On the other hand if you start with strength training to build a good base of muscle you can increase your resting metabolism as well as max calorie burn for any given exercise therefore burning more calories with the same relative level of effort. And while it is ok to train abs, it is not ok to do them every day or dangerously.

Passion is what differentiates an average personal trainer and a great coach. Identical routines serve no other purpose than to make a personal trainers job easier at the expense of his clients.

Doing abs daily may keep you farther from your ideal body goals. Not opening yourself to new opportunities to learn is a huge mistake, but refusing to share the knowledge you have is probably an even bigger one.

Similarly, I had them use training tools and methods that were too advanced for them. More strength and muscle has been built with properly performed basics than by "cool" methods.

Top 10 Signs of a Bad Trainer - 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Trainer

Easily Distracted Make no mistake, when you hire a personal trainer to spot you, their time is your time. Any trainer that does not look at the whole picture is not one you want to train with. Either way if you hear a trainer saying something double check it until you know they can be trusted, especially if it sounds too good to be true.

Proper form is by far the most important aspect to focus on during any type of training. The second part of this is a trainer that dispenses any false information either willingly or unknowingly for example women should not lift weights, low intensity exercise burns more fat, if you exercise you need more protein supplements, ab exercises burn belly fat, or cardio is the best way to lose weight.

Muscle requires rest time to build. A good personal trainer can work wonders for your workouts. Top 10 Signs of a Bad Personal Trainer 1. For example I was watching a workout video the other day by a well known and well funded trainer and I was watching them do a squat in a circle where one foot stayed stationary and the other took steps forward to complete a circle.

He can teach you, motivate you and generally make sure that you get the most out of your time in the gym. Why would you want to be trained by a person who struggles with their own belly?A bad trainer is not only a waste of your time and money, but can set you back months or even years in your training.

You’ll get no results, and waste valuable time/money in the process. Unfortunately, many trainers just don’t give a damn; they’re going through the motions, not providing a.

Unfortunately, not all personal trainers are good personal trainers. And if you find yourself working with a bad one, you can easily find your workouts suffering, not benefiting. Rather than making you want to work harder, some personal trainers can make you want to quit the gym altogether.

Released on September 17, In this weeks podcast, Joe exposes the bad coaches and personal trainers that infest the fitness industry! After listening to this weeks show, you’ll be able to tell the difference between the professionals and the wanna-bees.

Examples Of Bad Personal Trainers In my experience: Over the years I’ve observed many personal trainers and coaches in different countries with various experiences and qualifications. No doubt about it - I’ve had the opportunity to observe many examples. Everyone knows a trainer or fitness “guru” who promises unrealistic results or just simply doesn’t know what he is doing.

While there are a lot of trainers like me that make sure their clients get great results safely, unfortunately there are also a lot of really bad personal trainers out there. Personal training is not inexpensive, so before you spend lots of money with a given personal trainer, call a few of their past clients and ask about their experience with that trainer.

Ask about their goals, outcomes, progression and if what they learned is still working for them.

Bad personal trainer
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